atBIM Building Engineering

Real state management and promotion


We obtain high returns by taking advantage of the BIM methodology in all its phases.

We design architecture and design engineering with the maintenance phase of the building (7D) in mind using state-of-the-art technology tools. We make the most of the BIM methodology in all phases of the project obtaining high returns.

We use data.

Alternative evaluations in BIM models. Test all your project design options and assess the impact on benefits.

We analyze the data.

Study and prospecting of markets. Analyze your target customer's aspirations and assess trends in each market.

We monitor the data.

We perform database queries and reports. Anticipate unforeseen events, determine future needs, and calculate your resource spend.

Data display.

Dynamic dashboards with the information you need to make the best decisions with your real estate assets.

Marketing, visualization and virtual reality.

We develop images and high quality VR that allow us to refine and profile nuances of the project. Hyper-realistic perception that allow the client feel and experience virtually the project space, will allow us to obtain a better communication with the client in order to achieve an optimal results in the final result of the project.