Beyond BIM: VCD

And if you are reading this article, it’s because you are beyond BIM.

When the implementation of #BIM becomes mature within an organization, the next step may be to leverage the #data and #information generated by all parties involved so that processes align to achieve the common goal, which usually is to execute the project on time and within budget.

What is VCD?

#VCD stands for Virtual Construction Design. It represents an integrated management method where we have a final project or product, a team, and processes that we all must understand and comply with. It’s the combination of methodologies, technologies, and correctly implemented processes that will allow us to fully grasp the concept of VCD.

Through virtual pre-construction of the building or infrastructure (modeling) and visualization and analysis methods, we can make decisions before the building is constructed. We can also minimize errors, and save money during the asset’s life cycle (#ACV or #LCC).

Business metrics and economic impact will provide us with the exact vision of its feasibility and the consequences of each decision.

This process framework is validated step by step by performing quality control on both the consumed and contributed information by each party involved.

As a result, we can say that VCD has arrived with its structure to take BIM to the next level. Improving processes and communication among stakeholders, optimizing projects, ultimately, and leveraging the best of each methodology and its associated technology for the benefit of the user/company..


VCD will leverage BIM to achieve its goal, and at ATBIM, we work to ensure that our clients and collaborators understand these terms correctly and make the most of them.

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