Our BIM team is your BIM team

Jose Angel Salanova

atBIM´s cofounder, building engineer and prostgraduate in risk prevention, after working for Modelical, he worked in BIM department in Lobe constructions during its BIM adoption on execution stages. He teach BIM in several Universities and professional associations. Passionate about new AEC technologies and programming.

Adrián Used

atBIM´s cofounder, studied building engineering at UPV, worked four years for a constrution brand appliying BIM and LEAN methodologies. Experienced used of costing procedures in construction field, works to apply it to BIM by developping custom apps in different programming languajes.

Lucía Citoler

Cursed building engineering in EUPLA and developed a final degree based in researching about BIM technology applied to Dynamo parameterization and VR. She is interesed in visualization, motion graphics and applying BIM to improve building process.

Andrea Gracia

Building technician that highlights when using several software solutions for design, construction and planning. She is allways learning about in topics like VR and visual programming languages. She wanted to make BIM and here she is.

Ryan Omedas

Architectural technologist with broad experience in maketing, archviz and graphic design. He worked in web page developing, illustration and 3D renders for several brands. His interest range from SEO and virtual experiences in Unreal Engine.

“That is the feeling, follow it and anything will be the same”.Roberto Molinos
“En materia de planificación, jamás un movimiento inútil; en materia de estrategia, ningún paso en vano”Sun Tzu
“Is not enought to have good talent, the main thing is to apply it well”
René Descartes
“Antes la imagen servía para transformar el mundo, ahora la imagen virtual es el mundo”Philippe Quéau
“The walls between art and engineering exist only in our minds” Theo Jansen

Pilar García

She studied architecture un Zaragoza´s University and in Lisboa´s University. She is interested in sustanaible architecture, 6D BIM, urban planning besides photography and graphic design.

Eva Omedes

Studied mechanical engineering at Zaragoza´s University and a degree about drafting civil projects. She is interested in parts modeling, manufacturing and structural analysis.

Juan José Martínez

Studied industrial design engineering and product development at Zaragoza´s University. He has experience in fields such as graphic design, 3D modeling and product design engineering. He is interested in BIM software ecosystem and 3D parts modeling.

Javier Bravo Peiró

Studied Architectural Tecnologies at EUPLA and researched about additive manufacturing applied to AEC industry. Driven by his curiosity about innovation and process improving he decided to specialise in BIM and in 3D printing

“Architects have made architecture too complex. We need to simplify it and use a language that everyone can understand.”
Toyo Ito
“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”Henry Ford
“There is not such thing as a boring projects, there are only boring executions.”Irene Etzkorn
“Best way to predict the futures is to invent it.”Alam Kay

Julia Manero

Graduated in architecture and postgraduated as BIM specialist. Has experience working 3D modeling tools and graphic design software. She is mainly interested in design and creativity applied to architecture.

Laura Sanchez

Has studied labour relations and HR in Zaragoza University and in Lisboa University. She is whom leads the company´s administration as clockwork. She likes traveling, reading and photography.

Cristina Aznar

She studied Civil engineering at EUPLA. quickly interested in bim methodology and the use of programming among other technology disciplines in order to fit each project needs. Moreover he is cinephile and amateur photographer.

“Design quality affects live quality.”Norman Foster
“Imagination is the power that enables us to empathize with humans whose experiences we have never shared.”Orson Welles
“There are 360 degrees, so why stick to one”Orson Welles