BIM for AEC Industry

Take BIM one step forward

In atBIM we work for integrate and optimize each project phase inside BIM environment. We adapt BIM to each client workflow and singular project in order to make BIM adoption as easy as possible and respeting project deadlines

BIM is Trend

The use of BIM technology opens the door of oportunity for companies and proffesionals. It is stimated to grow from $2640.12 millions in 2013 until $8646.47 in 2020: an annual growth of 16.72%. Source Reportlinker

5D BIM Easyer than Ever

Generate automatic documentation and meet standards and invest your time in designing beter solutions and retain customers. Everything is easyer when you are using cutting edge technology
“We take advantage of the experience of CAD-based firms in order to make BIM adoption as natural as possible “atBIM direction
“They solved our problems and achieved an optimal information flow “atBIM Client
  • 2D CAD

    Old school Computer Aired Design still have a place for develop project concept and teams under BIM transition.

  • 3D BIM

    Unlike 3D CAD, 3D BIM models are generated by building-specific solutions with key information attached to each 3D volume.

  • 4D BIM

    This model implies differen disciplines that take advantage of the generated information in order to streamline time planning.

  • 5D BIM

    4D BIM information is recycled and attached to a construction prices database in order to automate budget creation.

  • 6D BIM

    The 5D model is filled with energetical informatión in order to evaluate its expenses during lyfecycle.

  • 7D BIM

    After project delivery 7D BIM models are usefull for facilities management by making buildings easyer to mantain, track and monitor

Why atBIM?

Customer service

  • 01

    We consider each case as unique adn we assist your company about the best methodology to adopt BIM ensuring a successful implementation.

  • 02

    We offer phone support in order to solve incidents and help AEC teams during the adaptation period


  • 03

    BIM trainning and information sessions for your team, employees and managers in order to work all together and solve everybody´s concerns

  • 04

    We guide you on each stage of the implementation to the most cost-effective solution available.

Project partners

  • 01

    We perform for you BIM management tasks and ensure coordination between  agents and disciplines involved.

  • 02

    We plan each stage of your project, optimize precess and we manage how to generate  all the  necessary documentation. 

  • 03

    We help you to win public tenders and contracts. We create 3D visualizacion and animation that close deals.

  • 04

    We improve your clients feedback, we help you improve the image of your brand and position your brand.

Innovation for everyone

  • 01

    Enhancing existing BIM software by research and development of custom plugins made to make your company more competitive.

  • 02

    LEAN manufacturing methodology is our key principle in order to establish continuous improvement

  • 03

    We develop unique software solutions in order to obtain seampless integrations between models and budget items.

  • 04

    By putting into practice cutting edge BIM metologies and we evaluate the improvement in order to invest the effort wherever is more needed